The Jackal – Ludum Dare 30

I recently completed a game with my friend Ryan Sand for Ludum Dare 30’s 72 hour game jam competition. I did the animation, effects, and programming. Ryan did the modeling and level design. Our game is called The Jackal.

Things that went well: 

  • We got the core of the game designed, as well as the ability to grey box levels by the end of the first day.  
  • I was really pleased with a few of the tools, such as the lights and lighting. They were really easy to use.
  • The aesthetic was graphic and simple. It reminded me of something like Powerpuff Girls.
  • I had done some tech testing ahead of time on things that would be useful to do for a variety of games (pathfinding, world space to screen space, raycasting, and a few others).
  • We kept to a limited scope.   
  • Giving the refugees names and backstories was a nice little extra.
  • We left the entire last day for bug fixing, and deployment
  • Game is easily streamable online. 

Things that went less well:

  • The game is a bit on the difficult side. 
  • Animations were done with the planning that the refugees would be carrying things.
  • We needed the entire last day for bug fixing and deployment. 
  • Integration wasn’t the smoothest. 
  • We didn’t convey the theme as well as we could have. 

I had a great time making this game and seeing old friends.  


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