Vector Trigger

My November 1 Game a Month is wrapped up. I feel this one is my best yet.

Things that worked well:

  • The code for the mechanics were up and running within a few days
  • I knew why it would be fun and could play it really quickly
  • The aesthetic was graphic and simple
  • A lot was learned in how to teach and message the player

Less well:

  • I left too much to the physics engine, causing issues later in development
  • The game required a lot of effort be put into things like the camera, and the feel of running, for it to not be hideous
  • Not as much time was left for animation

The main takeaway for future games is to design a tighter experience with snappier controls. Don’t let the time between physics steps ruin your ideas. And lastly, the more fleshed out your world looks, the more the players expect of it.


Play Vector Trigger