More games, more code

I made 2 games in the past 2 weeks. One as a last hooray with my friends before Hack Reactor devours my time and I don’t get to see them much, let alone game jam, for the next 3 months.

The game we made was Slingship. A quick post-mortem on that

  • Planets and space look cool with little art investment
  • Orbital mechanics are a fun mechanic, but only if you’ve played Kerbal and understand them already, otherwise they are frustrating.
  • If one of your coders gets stumped on a problem, try and diagnose it / change what’s going on early instead of letting them chew on it for a long time. (At least during a game jam.)
  • Everyone loves explosions
  • Even though it’s a game jam. It is very important to find time for polish / level design. Make sure you create something that is playable, not just mechanics in a box.

After that I started Hack Reactor. Which runs Monday – Saturday from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. Another one of my friends was doing Ludum Dare 33 that weekend. His excitement about it, gave me excitement about it. So I decided that I’d make a game for LD33 as well. It as my first compo (solo) LD entry. I think I only managed to find 10 hours to put into it, but I still was able to produce the game Monster. Quick notes on that.

  • 10 hours isn’t really enough to come up with a game idea and execute it well.
  • As a product, I’m not too fond of it (fairly janky.) But as a sketch, something to point at and say, “This is where I’m going.” It works well
  • It does not take more than one or 2 measures to make a decent looping song.