Here is a growing collection of non-commercial games I’ve worked on.

Vector Trigger: An environmental puzzle game with a Callagari-esque aesthetic. November 1 game a month entry. Solo project.

Arc – A kinetic climbing game involving magnets, and tesla coils. Made with Casey Clyde as part of a local 30 hour game jam.I did the art & collaborated on design.

Cluster Puff – The puffs care not for consequences and will eat themselves to a barren wasteland. It’s up to you to save them. A  one game a month October entry. Solo game.

The Jackal – You play as the jackal and must extract the refugees. Ludum Dare 30 entry. Worked on it with Ryan V Sand. I did the programming, rigging & animation & collaborated on design.

Islands – First game jam game. Created it with 4 friends, I was the artist. Exe download from google drive.