Gladiator V0.0.3

It’s been a while but the next version has been achieved.

It is here (Edit; bug fix in new link)

These things always take longer than expected but a good deal has been added.

  • A lot has been changed under the hood.  The system that damage use now reflects more what I want the feel to be.
  • Counter attacks and status effects now exist! Or at least the systems do, though counter attacks are a thing. Statuses will be.
  • More gear!
  • More moves!
  • More Arenas! Nearing game progression.
  • A calendar to let you know when battles are available.
  • You can now name a gladiator when you acquire them. Fancy having a school of famous playwrights who beat down everyone with rebar? This can happen.
  • Experience! You can’t see it, but it’s there. Like life kinda.
  • Facility upgrades so that your guys train better.
  • Very minuscule amounts of logic. Your gladiators will be more likely to disengage from each other if they are tired or wounded.
  • After reading my notes it would seem gladiators cannot be tired yet, future implementation note!

Many of the systems are an attempt to make it so that simply buying one gladiator and binge-ing said gladiator to all powerful face crusher, is no longer viable.

More thoughts on this later

Gladiator v0,0.2


A lot of work between there and here.

  • UI skin!
  • Items! (purchase only, it’s a buyers economy)
  • Skills! (they are there, I assure you)
  • Refactored battle system!
  • Females! (cyberpunk is an equal opportunity oppressor)
  • Playable! (<<< download it there )

Probably more things happened than what was listed, but it’s all a blur of syntax errors and OnGUI events. With my animation mentor class starting up soon progress will probably slow down.

Gladiator 0.0.1

I am enjoying the creation process for my gladiator game and much progress has been made.

It has now reached the status of playable, which is very exciting. I’ve done the first build of the game and sent it to some friends. Players can see the gladiator’s stats (soon to be history.) Battle logs are printed out.  UI is becoming resolution independent. The major change was under the hood. Revamped the battle system to be more scale-able, allow for skills and choice.


Eyeing up the competition.


Victory, Allan Deer lives to fight another day. 

As for the prior decision between Ancient Rome and cyberpunk, I have decided on cyberpunk. I spent my adolescent years with Gibson, and Sterling. Running through the Redmond Barrens and the discussing the role of man and machine speaks well to me.

Balancing is now the name of the game. Some fights end in a single blow, others go on for days of inept posturing.  I want to get a more consistent pace. Then increase skill list, and implement gear.  It’ll be a while, but I’m loving every minute.