Some tools that I’ve made:

Create Project Directory – Creates a folder structure for future files, as well as has Unity create it’s blank game project. Sets the ground work for future automation

Create Game Asset – Creates and names properly a new file, sets unit size, creates backing directory and helps with other automation

Create and Update Animation – This set of tools associates an animation scene with a rig scene. You can modify a rig scene (optimize mesh, modify underlying rig etc.) and then click a button to have those changes show up in the animation scene. This has saved me a good amount of headache.

Render Sprite Sheet – Will take frame range and render out a sprite sheet, put it in the proper location for Unity. Then chop it up into the frames for instant use.  Requires CustPipeline and CLRead (note: I did not create CLRead. It is a very useful Unity tool with a very permissive copyright.)